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hey guys! just a little heads up!

I'll start classes tomorrow so I'll probably be less active, I'll have to go 8h per day so I'll only have time to draw at night if I'm not too tired X' replies and art might be slow, also my internet has been really trashy (I mean, more than usual) so if it takes me too long to reply to you is probably because I'm crying on the corner because I hate my internet

In other note, for now I'll be drawing mostly non-species adopts, I usually draw species adopts most of the time so I want to take a break from species and draw more regular adopts without having to worry too much about traits and stuff, so that, you'll see species adopts occassionally but I'll be mostly drawing non-species for some time ovo

also, comic is about 3/4 ready, I just need to work on the last part and will start to post it ;v;
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I've decided to change these last two to set price, comment or note me please!

Some of these are still open! please don't get discouraged if I don't pick your offer ;V;/

Also letting ya know, if I've not replied to you is because I'm still considering your offer, I usually wait around 2-3 days before choosing an offer

Hey guys! will start to pick offers on these later today, sorry for the waiting!

if you're no longer interested feel free to hide your comment ovo/

seeing as I want to start to move stuff to my adopts account I want to sell all the adopts that are currently unsold, so this will be an OTA

$1 = 100:points:
#2: Yokai Adopt (right): OPEN $30
[OPEN #2=$20] Yokai Adopts by Pyro-Zombie #2.
Alt version:  (OTA) Yokai Adopt Alt Version by Pyro-Zombie

#6: Tiger: OPEN $15
[OPEN $35] Random Tiger Adopt by Pyro-Zombie 


> Money/points offers are expected to be paid within 24h after the confirmation unless a hold has been discussed previously, for art offers there's a deadline of 3 months to complete the offer (if you need more time contact me, otherwise the adopt will be back for sale) 
> Once the adopt is yours you can change whatever you want (except species traits if it's an species adopt)
> Not reselling for more than what you paid (+ the total value of commissions if there's any), if you got it from an art offer you can't resell since there's no money involved (you can trade it, gift it, etc)

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Updated the prices! :new:


hey guys, I'm offering some commissions like these

Simple: minimalist shading/details

Lineless by Pyro-Zombie     Lineless by Pyro-Zombie (left)  Cheeb by Pyro-Zombie

Head $25 / Halfbody $35/ Knees up $45 / Fullbody $55

Chibi $30

Detailed: complex/more detailed shading

Experimental thing by Pyro-Zombie  Lineless by Pyro-Zombie (right)  C: Alucard and Arias by Pyro-Zombie

Head $35/ Halfbody $45 / Knees up $60

Chibi $40

> Two slots
> Any type of character, any gender
> There are no WIPs but you can request changes after it's finished

Comment or note me to claim a slot ovo/


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thinking about hosting a MYO Plushmaid mini-contest, it won't be a big thing, probably 1 week of deadline and the participants will have discounted slots if they don't win

I'd usually charge around $15-$20 for a MYO Plushmaid, but for the contest, winners would get their Plushmaid for free and the other participants will get a 50% discount in their slot

I'd also provide a base, the one here:  [OPEN $30-$35] Plushmaids by Pyro-Zombie

would you be interested ovo
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heyooo, idk if anyone would be interested, but I want to practice more my semi-realistic style so I'm opening one trade slot if anyone would be interested!

in this style

Trust me by Pyro-Zombie  Im running out of titles but here you have a Dante by Pyro-Zombie no backgound btw

now, I know not everyone draws in semi-realistic or painting style so feel free to offer anything, I'm mostly interested in sketchpages or pixels but anything is welcome as long as there's coherence, like, I'm not doing a semi-realistic painted portrait for a sketch doodle portrait or something like that X'D

ya know what I mean
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what do you guys think of "draw my oc contests"?

I've been considering to host one but I've seen a lot of people saying things like "they're a scam" or "it's not fair because not everyone can win something", etc, etc, I'm usually like "well but nobody is forcing you to enter and you decide if you take the risk or not" but I also understand what they mean oAo

I  usually try my contests to offer prizes to as much people as I can, actually I've only made one draw my oc contest in the past where there were regular prizes and then everyone who participated but didn't win could send me a ref of their character and I'd draw something for them, but of course it also depends on the amount of people entering because the more people there are the hardest would be for me to draw something for each person

so I'm considering to maybe offering something like a free-to-use YCH/base to everyone who participates? does that sound good? it could be this one: Bubbles YCH , and everyone who partcipates would get it for free

idk, would you be interested?
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there's an artist I really want to commissions so, more slots! yey!

so much hair, wow by Pyro-Zombie C: busts by Pyro-Zombie bust-up at $30
[CLOSED GIVEAWAY] Charmine (Winner!) by Pyro-Zombie chibi at $30

The Smol by Pyro-Zombie thighs-up at $45

Crow Mom and Vamp Dad by Pyro-Zombie painted head $40

two slots!

please comment or note me if interested!


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I've been considering to maybe create a Patreon but idk, would you be interested in supporting me there?
I'm thinking to use it mostly as some sort of tip jar since as I'm currently busy with college and other irl stuff I couldn't offer much, or maybe not too frequent, but I can maybe release some tutorials or maybe some patreon raffles from time to time

buuuut, I'm also thinking about making some sort of support for my comic, like, I'd like to focus on working on the comic and getting support on Patreon would be nice so I don't have to rely a lot on commissions/adopts and so, I'd have more time to work on it without worrying about money, in this sense, Patrons would get some benefits like sneak peaks about the comic, help me out to decide some events/dialogues, suggesting stuff for the comic, etc, and maybe at some point, raflles or something where the winner could be included in some sort of cameo in the comic, like appearing as bg character or maybe having some small dialogue, I'd also release comic chapters early for Patrons

idk, what do you think? ovo
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idk how to name this XD
so following up with the status I posted recently I think there's fairly enough people interested for me to try so why not? ovo

This is some sort of special request event for the Valentine's Day and it consist in having our Ocs interacting ovo

so, what's the deal?

You have to pick any of my characters here: and comment with one of yours and let me know how do you think they'd do on a date, it doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic date, they could just be hanging out as friends, maybe they're just knowing each other better? maybe neither of them got a date for Valentine's Day so they decided to spend the day together to forget about the fact that they're forever alone? maybe they just got signed up in one of those "find a date" websites and now they're stuck in a blind date? idk, whatever you think would fit or would be funny :'D

if I like the idea/scene I'll draw a sketch/doodle of it, it might or might not have color depending on my level of motivation X'D

this is supposed to be a V-day's event thing but it would probably extend to the rest of the month while I work in the things I owe

soooo, feel free to comment here, you can suggest more than one thing or choosing different characters, etc ovo
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Thanks for the offers! ended up taking some more slots than expected XD

hey guys! as you might have noticed I've been working on a new style lately, I want to take commissions but I need some more examples and I don't know how to price them so I'm opening an OTA for now

this is what you can offer on

A halfbody like this  The softest by Pyro-Zombie or a chibi like this  Too soft by Pyro-Zombie (the chibi will be fullbody)

so basically, offer either money, points and/or art for one commission in this style ovo (money is prefered since I need some XD)

> Comment in the respective "Offer Here" comment
> Human/humanoid characters only
> For money/point offers the deadline to send the money is 24 hours after confirmation, for art offers is 1 month
> OTA will end in a couple of days
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Closed, thanks for the interest! will send a couple of notes ^u^/

I've not chosen anyone yet! I'm just updating the journal, I'll will give it a couple more of days and then I'll pick one (or more) to trade ovo

ahhh now that I've started to draw Vincent and Lilith I need more art of them! I love them so much so it hurts my heart to see their art folder so empty!

So I'm taking one (maybe more) art trades!

The characters I want you to draw:

Lilith by Pyro-Zombie or  Vincent by Pyro-Zombie

This time I'm not offering anything specific so you can show me examples of what you would like and what are you offering in exchange

Things I'm most interested in (in order of preference):

> Sketchpages
> Fake screenshots
> Pixels
> Fullbodies, chibis, etc
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some of you might remember some time ago I did a journal asking for opinions about Kira being in romantic stuff with characters that look older than her (considering that she's an adult but she still looks young), I was really nervous about it but surprisingly most people was really chill about it and told me that as long as it's clear that she's in age and acts like it, it shouldn't be a problem, which gave me some relief

Now I have another question but this time about character's personality/behaviour, I mentioned it a couple of times that Kira, regardless of her look, is supposed to be more mature than most of my older characters, like, she'd be like the mom friend or something like that, I consider her to be mature enough to show that she's an adult but this is the thing, how do you think an adult should act? I myself am around the age of Kira and I still consider myself very inmature in a lot of things, I'm not really sure how to adult XD, I've been reading about it but it's hard to tell where to draw the line, like, in most countries the age in which you'd be legally considered an adult is 18 but it's not like you're 17 and then when you turn 18 you're suddenly a mature person, I know for fact there're really mature teens while there're also very childish adults so I'm a bit lost there

I want to know your opinions so I can have them in mind at the moment of show that side of Kira, so the question would be:

Which traits do you think would be considered mature enough to tell someone is an adult? or, how do you think an adult should act/behave?

for example, I consider a mature trait to have common sense, most of my characters lack of it since they're all "yolo" most of the time while Kira seems to be the one with the most common sense, she might be fearful of a lot of things, but she can also tell when something might not be a good idea and be more rational around it
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hey guys, need some points so I was wondering if anyone would be up to sell me 4000:points: for $40? ovo

or I can also take some point commissions!

a chibi like this:  [CLOSED] Charmine by Pyro-Zombie  or a bust like these: C: Asher and Lloyd by Pyro-Zombie for 3000:points: , other examples:  Kira and mini Kira by Pyro-Zombie


a semi-chibi like these:  [CLOSED] Random Adopts by Pyro-Zombie or a halfbody like this: Extra by Pyro-Zombie for 4000:points:

I have sum open adopts here:

[#1 OPEN $50] Plushmaid Sub-Species by Pyro-Zombie [OPEN $50] Plushmaid by Pyro-Zombie [OPEN #2=$20] Yokai Adopts by Pyro-Zombie
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Already chose someone but thank you all for the interest! ;v;/


Been wanting to do a collab for a long time but always feel insecure about it because I still feel there's a lot a need to improve on my art but I figured out I should try for fun ;v;

usually for collabs I prefer them to be of our Ocs together since that way we both get our characters drawn, I'm usually more interested in the coloring but I'm also willing to do the lineart since I'm wanting to improve my poses and perspective

these are my characters: , if you'd like to make a collab feel free to comment which part you would like to do (lineart or coloring), I'd rather draw Kira or Kira birb but it also dependes on which character you want to use for the collab and how they'll be interacting (if you think a different character would fit better with your character feel free to suggest it), so feel free to comment with your character ref so we can both work on the idea ovo

I'll be choosing one for now (if there's anyone interested XD), also please don't get offended if I don't choose you, I'm mostly looking for someone of my same skill or similar óvo
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I want to practice more my painting style so I'm opening some slots for something like this

Painted Kira by Pyro-Zombie  Painted Harumi by Pyro-Zombie Painted Dante by Pyro-Zombie Mad Painting by Pyro-Zombie

Each one is $35 (maybe a little more if the character has complicated details)

I'll draw any type of characters - humans, humanoids, creatures, etc

Payment upfront, comment or note me please ovo


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I've been wondering for a while but it's something I've always been scared of about when thinking about the comic

something that has always worried me is how would people react at Kira being involved in romantic or suggestive stuff with my other characters, I mean, I'm not planning to go full retard and make nsfw porn or anything like that but there're in fact scenes in the comic where my other characters flirt with her or make "advances" towards her, now I think you might see where I'm coming and it's the fact that Kira looks so young in comparison to my other characters,their heighs don't help either because they're all so freaking tall while Kira is really short XD and even if I've stated that Kira is older than she looks (21) it still worries me a lot because nowadays people gets triggered by everything x_x

what do you think about this?

oh yeah, I'll delete this later, I just want some input about how to go about this topic
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but now that I have your attention I'd like to remind you that I'm posting my comic in my side account :iconzombirb: , in case you were interested but have no seen my post about it!

you can start reading it here:

[H/E] Chapter 1: The Crows - Part 1 by Zombirb

and you can see more stuff here:…

but actually not kidding I'm thinking about taking a small new year request so if you happen to have read all the journal just comment below with the link of your character and I'll pick one to draw tomorrow, it won't be anything too complex tho, maybe a headshot or something like that and it might also be experimental c:
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I'm considering to create a group for my Charmines, mostly so I can start to get familiar with group management and that stuff so that when I create the general group for species I won't be so lost XD

This also comes with another doubt I had

would anyone be interested in being guess artist for Charmines? if you haven't seen the species here's their info so far

Charmines [Species Info][Under Construction]
First of all I apologize if there is any mistake, English is not main language XD
[Charmines are a closed species]
This is just for fun and if you adopt one of them you don't have to follow this canon if you don't want to. 
The information can be edited later~
Charmine Basic Info

Story and Behavior
Charmines are mystical creatures with the ability to grant good luck or bad luck to others. Not much is known about who created them but it's said that they were created out of an act of

I still have to add some more details and the rarity tiers but this is basically all the info about how they may look, besides, for this species the rarities are mostly regarding to their tail so pretty much everything else is freely customizable acording to your preferences including the feral form, maybe there will be some special traits that will have rarities, but other than that they may have any type of ears, body, hands, etc

I'll be probably looking for 2 or 3 persons that will be guest artists and will be able to design and sell them, but for that I'm looking for people with experience designing and selling adopts, medium-high quality art and if possible, experience managing species groups
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