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Please don't thank me for the watch/llamas/favs uvu/

My Oc's: (yes, you can draw them, no need to ask! I mean, it's not like I want you to draw them b-baka!)

Old Account: :iconeeriezombie:
Alt Account: :iconzombirb:

(Se habla español!)

Personal Tumblr:…
Art Tumblr:

> YCH: Stylish B


Victor's Tree
Testing out some stuff!

I just realized a lot of details I forgot to change but this was a nice experiment to get used to Adobe Animate CC and how to do interactive stuff, it'll be helpful for the project I have in mind

I'll probably edit this later, there're some font colors I want to change and also will probably put some pictures at the left pages as well, also maybe I'll change some of the illustrations if I can think something more fitting
Kira and Mad fight sprites
Kira is so smol -cries-

please don't expect me to do some crazy-ass fight animations XD
1 or 2?
hey guys, which one do you think it's better?
Hey guys! I think I want to start to create a community for my species so that it's easier for you to interact with other owners and participate in envents and that kinda stuff

This won't be a group for only one species but instead I want it to be for all my main species, the group will include these species:

Candle Witches, Drakins and Lantern Cats
Plushmaids and Plushoods
Lil Guys
Tiny Guys

(there're some other species but I don't want to add them until everything has been settle down)

All of my species are supposed to exists in the same universe as humans (excepts a couple of them who are from other dimensions/universes), they live in a different plane to humans but this plane is conected to the human's plane through magic paths, portals, or some of them can even use their abilities to switch between planes

So this lead me to think that the best name for the group would be the plane were they live in (which I don't have a name for yet), I'll be working on the name and the basic info of this plane (localization, access, territories, etc)

for managing the group I need help so I'm asking again if if there's people interested in collaborate

I'm looking for people that have experience in one or more of these things:

> Managing a group
> Hosting or helping to host events for the group
> Know how to settle the layout of the group, like coding and overall making the front page of the group nice
> Help to keep track of the adopts to keep the masterlists updated
> I often see that most species groups have some sort of currency that can be used to buy things from a store or something like that, like MYO slots, species traits upgrades, etc
> Other things that I may not know but are useful for the group (because I've never been in one XD)

I have also some questions about it, like, if you've been admin, contributor or even just a member of a group I'd appreaciate if could answer so I can clear up some doubts

> How to start? I mean, after you have the name for the group and the people to help how do you actually start to run the group?
> If you're or have been admin of a group, what type of benefits do you get from it? (like for example being guests or official designer or something like that)
> What are the common charges that a group have for the management and how many of them? (like, how many admins, or official designers, etc)
> I've sometimes heard that owners get to keep a part of the income from the official designers, is this true? 
> This will be a multi-species group, do you think it would be better to have one currency or more than one? like one per species?

The benefits I'm thinking for collaborators are:

> Being an official designer for the species (I'd like to have at least one official designer for each species and maximum 3 species per designer)
> You can suggest what type of events to make, ideas for the species lore, etc
> Discounts on adopts sales from me
> I don't really know what other benefits there are so please feel free to let me know

So far the charges I'm thinking about are (I'm not including the benefits yet):

> Admin: will help out to manage the community, answer questions from the members, help out with events, etc, I think this will be the charge with more tasks
> Official Designer/Contributor: they will be in charge of creating adopts of the species they're assigned to and keeping the masterlist updated with the adopts they made
> Treasurer: The person/s in charge of managing the bank and the store for the group currency
> Visuals manager (idk how to call to this lmao): but basically this person would be in charge of managing the layout of the group as well as the presentation of the events and that sorta stuff to make them more appealing

I'd appreciate if you could let me know if there's more charges to take into account or on the contrary if these can be combined or siplified ovo

I think those are the main doubst I have but I know nothing about managing an species group so any information is welcome XD
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Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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